Commitment Ceremonies
There may be personal reasons why a marriage ceremony is not your chosen path or legal reasons why a marriage ceremony is not yet available to you.
There is no reason why you and your partner should not celebrate and confirm your lifelong commitment to each other, together amongst family and friends.
we can create a meaningful Commitment Ceremony that best suits your individual wishes.

Name Giving Ceremonies
Through the ages and encompassing cultures it has long been the done thing to hold some type of ceremony or ritual to welcome, bestow a name and introduce a newborn child to extended family, friends and community.
In today’s world a non-religious Name Giving Ceremony can be tailored to include rituals and readings that may be especially meaningful for you, your family, and your child. You may like to include your newborn’s siblings in the ceremony.
Also you may like to choose Godparents and acknowledge them during the ceremony. Although the term Godparent perhaps is no longer meant to have a reference to any religious beliefs, it is a term that is traditionally recognised. Other titles that have been adopted for use are Guardians, Oddparents, Guide Parents, Sponsors or Supporting Guardians. Whatever title you wish to use Godparents are traditionally chosen to be a supportive adult, a role model, with a special interest in the development and upbringing of your child.
The Name Giving Ceremony can be a small intimate gathering or a large more inclusive affair. It is entirely up to you. I am here to help you to design and perform the ceremony that meets your wishes.

​Renewal of Vows
Have you been thinking that you would do it all again? Would you like to let the world know that your love for each other is as it was when you first married – or even stronger?
Would you and your partner like to share and celebrate the journey you have travelled together so far and affirm there is more yet to come?
A ceremony to renew your vows could be a recreation of your original wedding, something completely new, or maybe a bit of both. This time perhaps you can include your children or maybe even your grandchildren.
There are many options that we can discuss. I am here to listen to your wishes and to create a ceremony to reflect those wishes.

Creating a funeral ceremony to remember, honour and celebrate the life of our loved one in this time of grief can be a very difficult task for the family. I would like to be able to help you through this process and develop a personally meaningful ceremony that befits the deceased and provides some comfort to family and friends. I recognise that we all process grief in our own way and that there is no correct way nor a given time frame in which to express our grief. I would like to work with you to put together a ceremony that best suits your needs and then deliver that ceremony in a respectful and dignified manner.